Portrait Photography

A photo shoot is an incredible experience and a wonderful way to capture those special relationships in your life. It will create beautiful memories you can treasure for a lifetime.

By booking a shoot you are creating an opportunity for you and your loved ones to shine in front of the camera! And don't worry it's not a case of being told to stand still and say cheese... A photo shoot with me is a fun, dynamic and creative session where you can forget about the camera and just relax and engage with your animals and family around you while my camera and I work our magic!
What type of photo shoot is right for me?

A 'Horse & Rider Photo Shoot' is the most popular option, this is a 2 hour photo shoot of you and your horse at a location of your choosing         
A 'Family & Animals Photo Shoot' is a 2½ hour session at a location of your choosing where I can work with your whole family as well as photographing everyone individually
An 'At Liberty Photo Shoot' is just of your horse or dog in it's own environment running wild and free                           
A 'Remember Me Photo Shoot' can be a beautiful way to say goodbye and make sure you've got images to treasure as sadly our Equine friends can't be with us forever
And then there's the extra special option for those who like to treat themselves or be treated every once in a while...
A 'Minus the Mud Horse & Rider Shoot' is for those who wish to feel absolutely gorgeous and pampered throughout their entire shoot! It includes a professional makeup artist coming to the location of your shoot to do your hair and makeup and bespoke flowers to give your shoot that WOW factor! The ultimate pampering experience for any usually muddy riders!



How to prepare for your photo shoot?

I understand the feeling of panic at the thought of what to wear, how to prepare your horse and what's going to happen on the day of a photo shoot. However please don't! Once you have decided what kind of photo shoot you would like I will go through in detail how to prepare, the best things to wear, where to have your shoot and answer any questions you may have specific to the type of shoot you're interested in. I send out a 'How to Prepare' document before your shoot so you won't forget anything and ring you for a pre-shoot phone consultation a week before the shoot. By the time the shoot date comes around you'll feel like a pro!
You can also check out my 'How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot' blog series for some in-depth advice!
What does it cost?
Please see my 'Investment page' for information on session fees and the products I offer. 




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