B*Spoke Competition Photo Shoots

(A day in the life of an equestrian)


Competition at any level in the Equestrian world is an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. Having evented and competed at various disciplines myself, I have a great understanding of the preparations and hard work required in the lead up to a competition and the inescapable roller coaster of emotions which inevitably come with the day itself (especially for the riders poor mother!)

With my B*Spoke Competition Shoots I offer full day and multi day photographic (and video depending on the competition) documentary style coverage of your day at an equestrian event. I photograph everything from your arrival onto the show grounds to your hopeful prize collecting at the end of the day. I work tirelessly throughout to capture all elements of your day from the behind the scenes tacking up to your warm up and of course the all important time in the ring or on the track.

The beauty of having me document your time competing is that not only can a photograph capture the excitement and daring of a pair over a cross country fence or the elegance and beauty of a suspended moment of dressage but also that all important relationship between horse and rider which is what made it possible to get there in the first place.

With the passing of time each photograph and bit of video I have from my competition days becomes increasingly precious. It is for this reason I am so passionate about creating truly unique and special images for you on your competition day which you will have to treasure for a lifetime.

B*Spoke competition shoots are primarily aimed at eventers but can be tailored to suit any type of equestrian competition. They can be for an individual and their horse, a rider with several horses or even a family or team of riders. For any sponsors or riders seeking sponsorship and looking to promote themselves, their horses or their business a B*Spoke Competition Shoot will give you a unique and impressive set of images with which to promote yourself.

Please take a look through examples of my work and get in touch to discuss your ideal competition shoot.


What does it cost?

Please see my 'Investment page' for information on fees and the products I offer.


Please take a look at my work in my 'B*Spoke Gallery' and if you would like to book a shoot or have any questions what so ever please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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