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As you may have gathered or already know my name is Ciara. I’m originally from Cork but have lived (bar a bit of travelling) in the UK since 2007. I now live in the North West, Merseyside to be exact.

I’m an Equine and Wedding Photographer and feel incredibly lucky to be able to do something every day which I feel so passionate about!

My photography business stemmed from my love of the Equine Species, which has been a life long love affair and photographing weddings came about as a result of my business… I knew I was hooked after the very first wedding which I co-shot and which left me with a passion for creating beautiful and emotive images to capture a couples once in a lifetime day. A job not to be taken lightly!

I juggle an active lifestyle alongside running my business and give me any excuse for an adventure and I’m off! I love the North West as it has so much accessibility to the great outdoors among so many other things. If I haven’t got a camera glued to my face or I’m not squirrelled away editing I will quite likely be found up a mountain, attempting to scale a rock face or whizzing down some hills on my trusty bike! My other loves in life include films, going to the theatre, yoga, red wine, good coffee and anything and everything horse related…. My love for the outdoors has without doubt played a part in my career choice and inspires my photography on a daily basis.

I absolutely love what I do and be it a commission to photograph a foal or the undertaking of a Wedding I can’t but help put my all into each and every moment of the job. Photography is such a powerful tool which we can use to capture and preserve the times, people, animals and places which we treasure so dearly in our lives. My aim is to do this in a way that truly captures the spirit of the subject through beautiful art and tells your story for you, your loved ones and the generations to come.

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